Ray King

President and CEO

Urban League of San Diego County

Year-End Message

Dear Supporters,


This yearend note of appreciation and thanks, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the staff, to our supporters, including funders, partners and community stakeholders is integral the mission of the Urban League of San Diego County (ULSDC).  As stewards for your donations and resources, we want to report on our accomplishments and challenges. We know It is only through your donations and support that we are able to offer our financial coaching, reentry, senior health access, and youth education enrichment services. 


This year we provide services to over 4,000 clients. In the majority of cases clients come to us when they are experiencing desperate circumstances such as parenting issues, unemployment, mortgage foreclosure, and increasingly homelessness (among veterans and reentry populations).  About 30% of our clients are enrolled in our integrated services program called “Ignite Your Future” combining career training, employment, financial coaching and housing counseling with the goal of sustainable long-term financial stability.


“Ignite Your Future” is an example of how your investment in the ULSDC is paying dividends. Five years ago our Board of Directors with the support of National Urban League (NUL) and several local funders decided to institute an integrated service model to help clients increase their income and to document their progress. One component of this program is psychosocial educational services we are providing to high-level female inmates at Las Colinas Prison and Reentry facility operated by the County Sheriff’s Department, which started in January of this year. Another component is career training being offered through San Diego City College to ULSDC clients. We are currently in discussions to provide “Ignite Your Future” services to State operated facilities. The rate of return (ROI) on “Ignite Your Future” is positive at 8%. There is a payoff to helping people to gain employment and to increase their income. They contribute to the community by paying taxes, having savings, and investing in their children. Follow this link to December “Igniting  Women’s Future” recognition event.

We would not be having this success without your support and we will not be able to continue without your support. 


A word about our challenges: operating a business and maintaining high quality staff takes money. Our fundraising goal is $400,000 annually. As of December 1, 2018 we had achieved about $310,000. Our programs are excellent vehicles of your charitable giving. They are impactful, with life-long positive results. As exemplified by “Ignite Your Future” we track and measure return on investment. Your contribution produces results. We encourage you to make a generous yearend contribution to the Urban League of San Diego County (ULSDC). Just follow the link below. Many thanks and all the best to you this holiday season.



Ray King

President and CEO




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