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Basic Money Management Workshop


ULSDC’s Housing & Financial Capabilities Program provides a comprehensive suite of services that empower participants with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve their financial goals. Learn more about the different services we offer and register today.

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Basic Money Management Workshop

Learn different tools and techniques in order to manage and take control of your financial and credit situation. The workshops cover budgeting, credit, banking systems, and steps to moving out on your own. In a group environment, questions are answered regarding the basics of money management: What is a spending plan? What is credit? How does the banking system work? What is needed to move out on your own? Graduates of these workshops are empowered with tools and techniques in order to manage and take control of their financial/credit situation. Those graduates also immediately receive a certificate that they could use to illustrate to any 3rd party that they have satisfied the basic understanding of Financial Capabilities Education. In a workshop, a soft-pull credit report with a FICO credit score is provided. Participants of these workshops are also invited to meet for a one on one Financial Coaching Session.  Please contact us for more information.

First Time Homebuyer Education Workshop

Learn about the homebuying process from A to Z and determine if buying a home is right for you. You will gain insight from industry professionals and get answers to your home purchase questions. All participants who complete this workshop will receive a HUD-approved homebuyer education certificate.

In a group environment of 8 hours, the entire home buying process is explain. The topics that are covered as it relates to attaining home ownership are: spending plans, credit, mortgage loans, real estate, homeowner’s insurance, looking out for predatory lending and life as a home owner. Those that graduate this 8 hour HUD approved workshop immediately receive a certificate that gives access to FTHB down payment assistance loans and specialty 1st mortgage products from participating lenders. We have local lender partnerships that offer funding for these types of FTHB loans, and ‘mortgage‐ ready’ clients are connected at the appropriate time. Please contact us for more information.

Life as a Homeowner Workshops

Designed for existing homeowners, these workshops focus on asset building concepts. We discuss Refinance Options, Estate Planning, Life Insurance, Investment/Savings Plans, and more.

In a group environment of 1‐ 2 hour, workshops are tailored for existing homeowners that are not having trouble with paying their mortgage. These workshops provide the tools and techniques to become a stable homeowner. We have a series of topics that are covered, but the workshops are exploratory and are conducted so that participants may ask questions Topics like strengthening and securing their assets; Estate Planning: What is Probate? The difference of a trust vs a will? Is a Reverse Mortgage right for you? Line of Credits from Equity, Refinance Options, Purchase another home, Sell Your Home, Life Insurance, and others. Please contact us for more information.



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