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Urban Masterclass Network

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Urban Masterclass Network

We started the Urban Masterclass Network Series with coaching and networking opportunities designed to help you walk in wholeness, thrive with economic stability, and be aware of social responsibility.


For more information or opportunities to present at our session, please send an email to kea@sdul.org and include details.

Presentations may be developed and submitted by individuals or teams, though we may ask that only one presenter will take the stage. The sessions may be live or pre-recorded.  The ideal presentation will:

  • be highly visual;

  • include a speaker who has excellent communication skills;

  • be geared toward an audience of interested generalists; or layman;

  • help viewers grasp the most important concepts, trends, and changes in the field, including technological advances;

  • show the audience what the impact looks like, what it looks like now, how we got from there to here, and where we are (or should be) heading


We are not looking for a Said-Subject 101-style lecture or panel. What we are looking for: a creative strategy for conveying, with intelligence and gusto, the recent trends and developments that matter most.

Interested parties should submit a short description (no more than 300 words) of the proposed presentation. Please include a synopsis of the developments you regard as crucial, as well as your vision for how best to take an audience on a thrilling tour.

Proposals should be submitted to kea@sdul.org .