Grandparents Connections

In response to the rise of grandparents raising grandchildren, a group of seasoned professionals and community residents came together to build a network of support and share resources that benefit the health, wellness, and education of the children in their care.


Special thanks to Mr. Anthony Young for connecting the Grandparents Connection with the community and legislative leaders as well as negotiating space for the group to meet at the Jacob's Center.  In addition, after meeting for more than 8 years, the group is coming under the umbrella of the Urban League to strengthen supportive and integrative services.


The Grandparents Connections meets every Thursday at 11:30 a.m., at the Jacob's Center on Market Street.  The group brings in speakers who provide motivation, guidance, tools for re-entering effective parenting, and navigating the child welfare system.

If you are a grandparent and raising your grandchildren or great-grandchildren, please join our group.


For more information about Grandparents Connections, RFP for Group Presentations, Sponsorship, and Partnerships, please contact our  Program Manager, Sheryl Lambert at her email  or visit.

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