So often, the urban youth are illustrated in a negative light in the news, educational journals, and television. The Urban League of San Diego County has implemented an honor’s society program that acknowledges and promotes the achievement of students of color and underserved populations at the Annual Golden Pyramid Scholars Program.


The Urban League of San Diego County understands by openly acknowledging our youth in a public forum, we make it clear to our youth and community that we believe in and support the achievements of these young men and women. These students are being honored because they understand “Achievement Matters.” They are the building blocks of our community and our future. To-date, we have recognized more than 8,350 students for their academic achievements, and more than $449,000 has been distributed in scholarships since 1991.


The Urban League of San Diego County celebrates its Annual Golden Pyramid Scholars Program this year. The program is designed to identify, recruit, nurture and support students who are striving to achieve academic and economic excellence. A major component of the honor’s society is the coalition of several community based organizations gathering to uplift our students of color in our community, in unity. Some of the organizations involved include: National Council of Negro Women, San Diego Section, San Diego Alumnae, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., San Diego Alumnae Chapter, and Neighborhood House Association. The communities’ goal is to ensure that its future parents, politicians, scientists, carpenters, doctors, and professors are identified early and supported continuously in their quest to achieve excellence.


The Golden Pyramid Academic Scholars Awards Program provides an opportunity for organizations and businesses to connect with about 1,000 high achieving youth and their families, which is a very attractive market. Last year the program attracted 5,000 people. Participants are encouraged to enroll in one of our year-round youth programs such as Project Ready (College Readiness Programs for males and females). The Golden Pyramid Scholars Program features encouraging messages that promote academic achievement, civic responsibility and professional success. The overall goals of the Urban League of San Diego County Educational Initiative are to increase the number of urban youth for college and careers in high growth fields for the region.