Health & Wellness


To ensure provision of Prevention & Early Intervention Behavioral Health Services to African Fathers in Central San Diego County.


EMASS (Elder Multicultural Access And Supportive Services Senior) - HEALTH PROGRAM

Provide healthcare awareness information for seniors in target areas of San Diego County in partnership with UPAC. Consistent with the State-approved County of San Diego MHSA-PEI #OA-1: EMASS Work Plan, Contractor shall implement an age and culturally I linguistically appropriate, peer-based, outreach and engagement model to support prevention activities and increased access to care. The EMASS program shall utilize "Promotoras or Community Health Workers" as liaisons between their communities and health, human and social service organizations to bring information to

their communities. These Community Health Workers I peer community liaisons shall include roles and functions as an advocate, educator, mentor, outreach worker, role model, cultural broker, and translator.


Contractor shall develop and operate the Elder Multicultural Access and Support Services Prevention Early Intervention program as per the Promotora model of community outreach based on the very successful Latin American model that reaches underserved populations through peer education, and it is currently utilized with great success in public health care systems and in community health centers throughout the country.